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Time to answer the question on everyone’s minds:

“What’s with the triangle arrow thing?”

Yeah so a lot of people have inquired about what my logo is/represents. First of all, it’s a mathematics operator commonly referred to as Del or Nabla. The arrow thing on the top denotes the Del as a vector quantity, but before I utter another math word and lose the majority of my readers…

…It’s useful for solving really complicated problems.

You know what else is useful for solving really complicated problems? Sure, the answers in the back of a textbook, but also music. Music teaches children the alphabet while bringing a nation together with an anthem. Music can bring a smile to the saddest face, truth to the ignorant, and strength to the weak. It can get someone through a rough breakup, or spice up a wedding. It can even speed up or rewind time…You ever jam out while you work? You should try it sometime because time goes by faster (relative to you). It can relieve the mind from aging to the point where if I hear a theme song from a show or video game from my childhood, then I’m 5 years old again for a minute or so. A handful of people can even make a living wage out of it, imagine that.

It’s always been there to help me tackle the toughest life dilemmas. It’s my bare necessity, my fundamental operator, my Del :)

Also the “L” in the middle stands for “Lombardi” if that wasn’t obvious enough already.

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