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Fun fact: highs and lows are my best sources of inspiration. If you're trying to write a song of your own, there is a lot of advice online, but nothing has worked as well as thinking about the best and worst things I've experienced. Start by putting yourself back in that time and writing down all the sensory observations you can recall. It can be difficult revisiting something sad or even traumatic, but by tackling it head on and getting it on paper, you can make something beautiful out of it. Maybe someone will even give it a listen and totally relate with what you're saying. Conversely, you can write about something wonderful that's happened and revisit that happy place whenever you please.

As far as how my “creative process” goes, I’d say that each song had its own way of coming into existence. I don’t have a formula or set protocol for writing/composing, but I will say that memories and the emotions they invoke play a huge part in what I do. Oftentimes, I’ll be in the car, the studio, or my bed just spacing out reminiscing about the good, the bad, and the ugly moments of my life, which release a flood of all the emotions from my past back into the present, thanks to my excessively vivid recollection. Instead of physically expressing these feelings, they get internalized and occasionally pop out of me as melodies, lyrics, or in some cases entire songs. Typically, I’ll take whatever pieces of songs I come up with to my co-writer, Tim Bezy, and together we build the rest of the song from that foundation. However, in the case of “As Your Love Passes by”, my producer, Mckale Turner aka Loocyd, had a bulky guitar track (bulky to me is over 5 minutes) without lyrics for vocals. One day he played it for me, and I felt super drawn to it; as if I already knew the words to go with the entire track. I brought the track to Tim, and in an hour and a half the song was written. A few hours later, I had vocals composed and recorded. Aside from instrumentals and mastering,

the whole song was completed in the span of a few hours,

yet it felt like I’d known the song for a while…That said, I think every creative mind is unique, so we have to find our own means of thought. I'd love to hear about how you cook up original ideas, so please comment or message me your "creative process". If you don't have one established yet, try out my advice from earlier and let me know how it goes. You'll be amazed at what ideas are just sitting around in your head waiting to be discovered!

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